Meaning of our Logo


Hearing Consultants of Southeast Michigan has adopted the dragonfly as a symbol representing happiness, new beginnings and change. The dragonfly is traditionally a symbol of transformation. When looking at the dragonfly and its colorful iridescent wings, we are reminded that it started as a larva at the bottom of a pond and had to work its way through the dark murky water and into the sunlight. When the dragonfly finally makes its way to the top of the pond, it sheds its protective casing and unlocks it’s beautiful, powerful and poised self. It then unites with other dragonflies, which have also completed their journey and transformation.

Hearing is a very strong and important sense that connects us to people. With hearing impairment, we notice frustrations and misunderstandings among friends and family. These communication break downs ultimately lead to withdrawal and isolation. We want to be there to help guide patients through their journey and transformation to better hearing. When there is improved hearing, there is better communication, and with that comes a joy and a reunion with re-connecting to loved ones. Just like the transformation of the dragonfly.

The dragonfly has a short life and because of that it can also teach us to live in the moment and live without regrets. By choosing better hearing, we want our patients to be able to live in the moment and live life to the fullest!