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Hearing Care

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Hearing Aids

Hearing aids essentially fill the gap created by a hearing loss. This is done by receiving and amplifying sound. 

Digital hearing aids take the continuous sound wave and break it up into very small, discrete bits of information. This is called digitizing the signal and all digital hearing aids do this. Beyond just digitizing the sound prior to amplification, there are differences in exactly how various digital hearing aid devices amplify or process sound. The more sophisticated digital hearing aids are able to amplify the softest sounds of speech while at the same time subtracting out certain types of unwanted noises(background noises). Digital signal processing allows hearing aid designers to write computer programs, called algorithms, which enable them to add the many intracant details that benefit hearing aid users in today's modern world.  Today's hearing aids have SmartPhone capabilaties, tinnitus masking and programming for different environments.  All at the touch and sometimes without.   It is this potential that makes digital hearing devices so promising for so many hearing losses. Selecting the type of hearing aid that is right for your hearing loss and unique listening needs requires the guidance of a professional audiologist that is well versed in all of variations of hearing instrument technology.